Agartha Records

Agartha Records

Deep in the foothills of Himalayas, right above one of the portal that leads into the secret world of astral realities , lies the base of Agartha Records. Sitting on a passage that connects this physical, material realm to a mystically deeper and spiritually advanced force hypnotically spiraling down the hollow earth , Agartha Records stands for bringing to all the trance floor freaks an inter dimensional ride like never before as you stomp through the cosmic infused thought patterns of some of the most talented sound wizards from across and beyond our planet .

With our first release , the vision is to create a collection of audio wizards who share a common understanding of the patterns of this universe , creatively conveying them through freakuencies that drives the listener into a world, Where labels and genres , dark and light , space and time MELT and what stands out is the pure genius in all these mind altering, spirit igniting freakuencies , designed using the most advanced technology and yet strongly keeping in mind the ancient tribadelic science , Agartha Records bring out to you the freshest audio vibration that connekt and combine us all through hypnotic mantras forming a force , a portal through which we travel inner worlds experiencing super twisted realities that will leave you head scratchin.

WARNING : the experiences can take you to stages of reality some might choose not to come back from , in this case , enjoy the other side , we will reconnect on full moon days :]


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