Fantastic 5 Records

Fantastic 5 Records

Fantastic 5 Records from Greece started taking its shape as a Label in 2006 and was completed in 2011. It is the sum of DJ Django Music Projects. The first project that came to light is -D.p.P- (Digital Pseye Poetry). The initial attempt of Alexander for composing ambient and psychill music was as -Dreamsun-, a project that later became -Phoenix Dubfire-. Koera Noera is a ‘Forest’ psychedelic trance project. The project -PsadA- can be described as pure psytrance. Tracks vary from 140bpm to 148 bpm. Heavy basslines with dreamy kicks and sharp-edge melodic themes can be found on every track. PsadA is ideal for nightime hours live acts and also for mindtravelling psytrance mornings in festivals.
Dolby Caramel is a Progressive Psytrance project. Incognito Dancers is a goa trance project open to new ideas and of experimental ways in creation but always close to the psychedelic dance !
During 2013-14 and in collaboration with artists like Micky Noise, Har-el Prusky (California Sunshine/Adrenalin Drum/Double Polarity), Bamboo Forest, Jirah, Blazing Noise, Fobi, Drollkoppz and many more super-talented musicians, Dj Django released four (4) FREE download compilations (one double VA plus two (2) more ) through his personal label Fantastic 5 Records. All these FREE compilation releases contain top-notch and rare tracks that attach to them a remarkable collector’s value.

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