Absolut Zero


  • Monday - 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
  • Label/Team:

    Landmark Rec , Plasmatica Group


      Full On PsyTrance

      Progressive PsyTrance



    NAME…. Absolut Zero … MUSIC STYLE…GROOVE PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE. Absolut Zero was born in 1977 at the stunning city of Thessaloniki and got involved with producing music at the early age of 14, he was mainly interested in Jungle, Break beat and Drum & Bass sounds, but still something was missing from his musical perspective. At the year 1994-1995 he attended his first trance event. 1999 was the time that he decided to get involved actively with the trance scene. Soon, he formed a team together with Andrea (Lunatic) and Ilias (Lissound) under the name “Plasmatica Group”. Plasmatica group started organizing small parties all around Northern Greece and the feedback from the people was more than satisfactory. In 2001 he started producing as an amateur with Emulator – X (Takas Aristotelis) psychedelic trance music and together they created the project under the name SOLAR FX. In the year of 2003 they had their first live appearance on stage in one of Plasmatica’s events and presented their new work. The positive vibes of the people gave them the impulse to continue producing till today. After the experience of all those years, the new tracks of Solar FX will soon be released. In the meantime, Absolut zero was performing in small local parties that his group organized as well as other promoters. The greatest point in time in his trance carrier was when he starts cooperations with organizers all around Greece. Many parties where to follow with worldwide known and recognized artists such as Electric Univerce, Astrix, Skazi, Raja Ram, Alien Project, Ticon, Son Kite, Void, Tube, Genetic Spin, Hux Flux, Freaking, Psychotic Micro, Lish, BambooForest, Talamasca, Exaile, Overlap, Parasence, Penta, Eskimo, Protoculture, Slater,Tull,Psysex, Psycraft,Sub6,Silent Sphere, Dino Psaras, Andromeda, Chromosome, Kindzadza, G-Light, Eyal(hommega), Shanti, Emok, SBK, UltraVoice, Visual Paradox, Suria, Pixel, Neuromotor and many more. Another thing that is worth mentioning is the many indoor and outdoor events of Plasmatica Group in places such as Eddesa-Aridea and in well known clubs of Thessaloniki. Absolut Zero had the chance and showed his dj mixing skills at global festivals such as Atmosphere Festival in Switzerland (2005), SamothrakiGathering(2005), Butterfly Dance Festival Paranesti(2004), Twilight Zone Dance Festival(2005), Shining Faces Festival Skopje (2006 & 2007), Sun Flower Festival (2007).Halkidiki Dance Festival 2012 ,Jembalang Festival 2012 ,Earth Dance Festival 2012 Athens, Dance Xperience Festival 2013,Later on in 2005, he joined the Headstick Records team. At 2006, he also joined the Moonsun Records family.Now(2009) has been added at DREAM VESION MEDIA group,2010 he join Hss records and released the first solar fx ep “The red planet” and 2011 the ep ICED.. Also at the begining of 2011 till 2013 was a part of www.midiradio.net .2012 join also Landmark Records and his a part of psychedelic.gr . His sets always depend on the vibes of the people and the actual time. “When We Dream There Are No Rules….Ppl Can Fly….Anything Can Happen”

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