Progressive PsyTrance

Alignments is the Progressive Project by Daniel Córdova Cázarez (24) [Aka Nativ / Intertactic] created in 2009

With fine bass lines, minimalist atmospheres and hypnotic sequences that create a sober and immersive environment. Combining with fast and sized percussion, creating versatility and pace, which combines in a unique blend,

Could decipher as a Progressive Serious ambient tinged with a touch of a unique and immersive psychedelic,
and the influence of other genres such as acoustic and classical music. All this added to the experience gained in the Alternate Project “INTERTACTIC” and experimentation in “NATIVE” and development as a DJ and music collector. Making this a complete act.

Today Daniel continues to work on the launch of this project,
in national and international labels. With this it is expected to have a good reputation in the most demanding public and make a small emphasis on different styles and forms of electronic music underground, as progressive and downtempo.

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