Waldschatten Productions



    Progressive PsyTrance

The first contact with psytrance music Aries had in summer of 2009. Soon after that, he started to organize parties with some friends and created a project called “Sinai”. He put all the effort in learning and he spent countless hours in developing his own style. After one year of experimenting, he finally realesed his first EP ” My Way”. In 2013 Aries created a new project with his friend Art Mode called “Voice of Dharma” and started to perform in Italy, Switzerland, Greece and other countries around Europe. In 2014 Aries performed in Mexico City and gained a lot of knowledge and experience on that trip. In 2015 he started to release his tracks under “Yellow Sunshine Explosion”. Aries continues to work hard in order to create a sound with more quality and with more forward sonority. He is collecting inspirations, knowledge and experience from other artists, but prefers to make his own music. He is ready to release his new tracks and blast the dancefloors around the world

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