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    Full On PsyTrance


The mind behind the project Bevatron is named Theo
and was born in Pella (Greece/Macedonia).
In the early 90’s he moves to Frankfurt (Germany)
where he comes in touch with electronic music for the first time.

Around 1995 he starts playing music as a dj in clubs,
local events and private parties and starts building his name
until 2000 when he moves back in Greece and plays in almost every
city as a guest dj. In 2003 he is introduced to Reason/Cubase
and starts making his own tunes on his computer.

Five years later Bevatron is born, a project that mixes European Psytrance
with Latin Psytrance influences combining dynamic basslines,
pagan melodies and astonishing soundscapes filled with bursts
of powerful leads that describe his own personal taste!

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