Full On PsyTrance


Biokinetix is one of France’s leading psy trance producers and has gained huge popularity and worldwide renown over the past the 5 years. His name is now a reference for NRG-infused Full-On Psy Trance.

Fabry has been involved in an eclectic mix of musical styles from an early age (Rock / Soul / Rnb / Electro / Trance / Reggae …). He first started DJing in London in 1998, mixing NuNRG and Hard Trance. After 4 years of partying in the UK, he returned to France and begun DJing on the French scene.

In 2008 he embarked on production under the moniker “Biokinetix”, and less than a year later he performed his first live set at the Morphonic Records party. Later that year, his first release came out on Geomagnetic Records (USA) with the track “Crystal-Activity”. At the start of 2009, Fabry signed with Morphonic Records (Japanese & French label) and released a digital EP “i2D1”. The Biokinetix sound begun it’s propagation across dancefloors worldwide, wreaking havoc as it spread…

2010 started with the release of his debut full-length album “CD I3D1” on Geomagnetic Records. This was followed by releases on Psy compilations worldwide, including: Mind-Control Records / Goa Records / Hadra Records / Planet-BEN / Digital-Drugs-Coalition Records, etc.

The story continues with his second album (Biokinetix & Friends – Remixes Album I3D3) in October 2010 on Digital-Drug Records, and his third CD album “21st century” released January 2011 on Morphonic Records, and his fourth album “Rock the World” on Geomagnetic Records on 2012.
And Biokinetix recently released in 2013 his 5th album, new double cd’s Album including cd live set records in festival , and full album 11 tracks “TRANCE4MATE” on Goa Records.

Biokinetix continues touring the world and working on many side projects such as PERFECT MATCH and AZERTY. Watch this space for worldwide live performances and new sounds from the Biokinetix studio!

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