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    Progressive PsyTrance

Bitkit was born in Belgium, a country with a rich history in electronic music. As a youngster he got classical schooling in different instruments. He discovered Psytrance in 2000 and started producing shortly afterwards.

His music is described as roaring powerful full on, uplifting trance, an emotional combination of pumping original basslines and a deadly accurate kick. Stuffed with crispy fresh psychedelic anthems, you get a mindblowing soundscape which will leave any dancefloor begging for more! His lasting urge to optimize his studio expertise made this creative mind evolve to another level of production.

• Logical: 2007, Kairoo Records:
• Necessary illusions: 2009, Naturall Productions
• The Last Shadow: 2013, Dacru Records

Throughout his long career he has received support from all corners of the globe. He has performed all over Europe. He even reached out as far as Thailand, where he played at the infamous Baan Sabai parties.

In 2013 he joined the Belgian powerhouse Dacru Records & got invited to play at the Tree of Life Festival in Turkey. Another definite highlight of 2013 was his second set at Tomorrowland, (considered to be one of the best festivals in the world) after making his first appearance there in 2010.

Bitkit wants to continue his journey across the planet and will be touring India, the motherland of Goatrance in 2014. After that he already has many requests for an upcoming tour of Central Amercia in 2015. And so the story continues…

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