• Tuesday - 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Label/Team:

    Dreamspaceproject & Digital Om Productions



      Progressive PsyTrance

    Blackbox was dropped on Earth in 1981. He grew up with the local Cosmic Family Parties and got infected in the years `95-`96. In `97 there was coming in 2 Gemini Players and a Numark Mixer on Christmas… That`s how the Story started! Between the years `97 and 2012 Blackbox seen the DJing more as a Hobby & a Collector`s-Thing, he just got a few gigs in South of Germany with his earlier Name “Tryptophan”, l8er “Trypti”. In 2013 he decided to switch into a more professional Mode, the Blackbox!! Since the beginning of 2013 he played along with names like: Zyce, Static Movement, Etic, Talpa, Phaxe, Funky Dragon, Liquid Space, Symphonix, Nok, Fabio & Moon, Synsoniq, Shamane (Synaptic), Biotec… just to mention a few~ So his Dream he had for ~15 years was finally realized!
    Big THX to my Father & Hanni in the Sky, Denny Seidewitz and Dreamspaceproject-Crew & all my other supporters…

    Most remindable Parties & Festivals he visited as a Guest: Solipse `99 / Chakradelic Millenium Event Zürich / VooV 2000 / Iboga Records Labelnight @ Wasserburg / Let there be Light Psylvester 2012 @Rote Fabrik / Mystica 2013 / last but 4 sure not least: Universo Paralello 2013

    Watching out for the Future, the Dream has just begun!

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