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Born as a child of the flower power generation, Klaus Mitka aka DJ BlueSpace has discovered his passion for music very early. After he has been spinning hardrock records he was infected by the psy-trance virus. As Dj BlueSpace he is following his mission to spread fresh progressive trance with its many facettes since 2001. He has been playing his DJsets and live acts on many parties and Festivals like Fusion, Wonderland, Voov PsyExperience, 6am Eternal, Gemischtwaren, GoaCore, Fantasy PsyLand, PsyRain, Mushroom Day and many more. His sets are marked by his advanced mixing skills and his ability for choosing the right track in the right moment. Through his engagement with the Sun Trance Crew and his own party organisations like “GeburtstagsklĪ“nge” and “Last Summer Dance”, BlueSpace’s degree of popularity has been rising constantly and over the years he has made new connections and friendships to artist with whom he has shared the stage. “Music is the universal language, talking to your soul…” With this statement BlueSpace considers his job as a dj like giving the party people what they need.

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