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    Progressive PsyTrance

Cezzers are Arie Siluk & Ran Shalev. Psychedelic
Electronic music duo from Israel, best known for
shifting between a wide range of different music
generes. However their main foucus is on Psytrance.

Their creation is very mood based,they take everything that has gathered in their subconscious and spill it out into their art, without any boundaries or limitations.
CeZZes are always providing a different approach in their Live Sets by changing the style of the music according to thier diversed productions.
With a rich past of producing Hip Hop beats and playing along side Heavy Metal bands.
The path eventually led them to falling in love with
Psychedelic music. Taking huge inspiration from
The Cinemetic Music World, Cezzers have
totally embraced the approach of Sound Design.
Recording of live instruments and especially
the sounds of guitars is something
that is very common in thier music

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