Curious Case


  • Monday - 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm
  • Label/Team:

    Plasmatica Group


      Full On PsyTrance

      Progressive PsyTrance


    The story begins around 2000, when after the first outings as a kid happens to hear the first progressive pieces of that time. Excited by the sound and with the help of a very good friend and teacher in mixing, begins his first steps into the world of electronic music.
    After many hours of listening and mixing tracks of that time decided to hear his first psychedelic songs. With influences like Cosma, Hallucinogen, Lish, Noma, S-Range, Native Radio, SBK, Matenda, Cosmic Tone, Beat Bizzare, Andromeda, Chromosome and with some experience from the progressive scene he decides to make his own dj project, called FLAM. Now after some thinking he change it to Curious Case.
    Starts playing in small parties and festivals, mostly in Northern Greece and having worked with several of well known djs and producers of the scene in Greece and abroad, in 2013 he joins Free Frequency. Shortly after, he makes his first parties in Kavala where he lives, in cooperation with the team, which are crowned with success.
    Now, after some thinking he decides to leave the team and make his own along with friends here in Kavala, to promote this kind of music to this side of Greece too. Along with this he joined Plasmatica Group (Thessaloniki), he prepares to write his own music and also he has its own radio show every Tuesday at DragonFly Radio, so stay tuned for more trancers 😉

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