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DJ Cyber Hippie was born in 1974 in Bonn,Germany.He start djing at the age of 16 at school festivals.He begun as a rocker and his sounds then were more garage punk (psychedelic 60’s),he pass to new wave and more 90’s sounds.He finally after some years of sound experiments find out electronic music. Hooked up to psychedelic trance music in the mid 90’s until the mid 00’s.He was a part of the underground psy scene of greece by making outdoor and privet parties with friends. Exploring, Traveling, Partying all around the world,got his interest into music transformed into obsession of collecting trance music!! Today he is official transport manager of Akida Promo and Dj of Akida Bookings and a member of the S.D.F. TEAM also.He is a part of the Amorphia family(djing in Amorphia Radio) and a member of Midi Radio.His DJ sets are include by Psy Trance vibes,but he also enjoy freestyle with Dub sounds and Nu-Funk grooves and tones….More about him….In amorphia radio -midi radio or in a party near you!!

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