Dj Ankass


  • Saturday - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Label/Team:

    Black Records / Quantum Digits


      Dark PsyTrance


      Progressive PsyTrance

    Dj Ankass is Antonis Kanarellis,borned in Athens at the year of 1978 and lives there since then. He started going to parties in 1995 and this was also the moment of his first contact with electronic music and psychedelic scene!! Now he is a member of Amorphia which is the biggest psyfamily of Athens.Also he has played along with several international artists and he has travelled to different places to participate on events & festivals.Also now he is label dj at QUANTUM DIGITS records from MontrĂ©al of Canada & BLACK RECORDS from Israel!! For 19 years,psychedelic trance & electronic music has been his guide in time,his inspiration and the only true way of leaving!! When he is on decks he travels with the crowd in a different dimension,far far away from here and now.His dj sets tend to hug the dancefloor with hope,happiness,pleasure and fulfilness… Join him for an unforgetable trip in nowhere and everywhere!!!!

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