Dj Balliou



Harmonia Records


    Full On PsyTrance


    Twilight / Forest Psychedelic

Illiriyan John Balliou aka BALLIOU was born in 3rd March 1984, getting involved in the Psychedelic scene since 1999, after years of growing with underground electronic music sounds. After several appearences from underground parties to main events & festivals around Greece & Balkans, Balliou joined the Dj Roster of the infamous Harmonia Records based in Athens, Greece.
In 2012, Balliou made his first contact with studio-gear, getting experienced in Music Production having his very first music works accomplished under his producing alias ‘Illiriyan’, focusing in dynamic night Full On Trance beats & pieces!
Nowadays, Balliou is busy in his home-studio experiments, with his very first releases to come out on labels like Mistikal Records featured in a forthcoming label Compilation & more..! Stay tuned and keep an eye on him, flowing around diverse full on sets at festivals in the Summer, and dynamic productions coming out from his special home-studio !!

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