Dj Bim



Yellow Sunshine Explosion/Millennium Records



    Progressive PsyTrance

Andreas Bim Bintsch hails from North Rhine-Westphalia, in the Ruhr Valley in Germany so it may be surprising to discover that he prescribes to a religious creed which is akin to the beliefs of the Native Americans, yet once you have had the privilege of experiencing the music he shares with the dance floor, your surprise will quickly turn to appreciation.
Although sometimes mistaken for a country, simply by virtue of it’s status amongst followers of Psytrance and also as a result of the huge number of international visitors the region enjoys, Goa is in fact India’s smallest province. It was here, in the early 1990’s, while on vacation that Bim fell under the Goa spell.
He was so taken in by his experiences that he returned to Germany, intent of exposing the globe to what was then still an emerging style of music. He has since dedicated himself to this end and today he is considered one of Goa’s most innovative and inspirational DJs.

His 20 year tryst with Psytrance has led him to embrace many of it’s subgenres, the result of which has been the formation of many relationships and connections that have fed the global community, most notably his collaborations with Drukverdeler. Nowadays though, his roots are currently firmly in place at Millennium Records / Yellow Sunshine Explosion which allows him to continue to grow the Goa market and it’s global reach.
During this time he has compiled more than 100 compilations for labels such as Midijum Records, Millennium, Sony Music, ID&T, Arcade, Time Warner, Universal, Nova Tekk and Beluga, totalling nearly than an incredible 90,000 units,
Although his sets are generally longer than most, they are intelligent and beautifully constructed offerings of fresh yet authentically Goan pieces that bind the dance floor in a colourful web of sound, intricately woven together in layers upon layers upon layers of psychedelic expressions. DJ Bim constructs a road map for the dance floor but does not dictate the direction. This journey is leaves up to the dance floor and once the route is chosen, it becomes a synergistic give and take between the DJ and crowd.

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