DJ C,U,L,T Northern Experience



Northern Experience



    Progressive PsyTrance

DJ C.razy L.egionary of T.echno is one of the old school DJ`s with experience who became “Technoholic” 1993 in Hamburg when he´s met Sven Dohse and Sven Väth.
The Stations with the new music were “LOVEPARADE 1994/1995″, “UNIT”-Hamburg , “TRANCE CAFE”-Husum , “B.O.U.M. Club”-Husum and the friendship to a few Swedish DJ`s did the rest at that time.

Then 1996 was the next experience with the new stations *SHIVA MOON* and *VooV Experience* and he met Scotty and Antaro.
Since 2000 at the 10. anniversary of the “VooV Experience” he was the founder of “Northern Experience“. After 10 years without this music a little comeback as DJ in 2014 at the 18th Birthday of his son, who loves this music! Since 2015 back in the “Progressive World”….and the beat goes on!

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