Dj Edell



World People Production


    Dark PsyTrance

    Full On PsyTrance


Edell is Edi Reifman , born in Ukraine in 1981 and live in Israel since 1991. in 1995 Edi discovered the psytrance music and fall in love! Since then he knew this will be a longer addiction in life. In 1998 he started to DJing with the purpose to create a new standard of mixed and alternating psy-music by including all the known styles and forms in his sets. The passion to play progressive, dark and melodic morning full-on tunes to bring the amazing moments in unprepared situtation on the dance floor is one of his main features. In such moments the body’s spirit gets into contact with another stage of consciousness These are the moments when Edi feels himself as a part of this consciousness. In June 2009 joined Magma records and working on double cd compilation “Power Of Mind” compiled by Edell & Digital Tribe that was released in midle of 2009. Joined French label World People in middle of 2014, he based in Moscow, working like booking agent of trance artits and playing in all biggest raves around all RUSSIA

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