Dj Exanimo



Yellow Sunshine Explosion



    Progressive PsyTrance

Dj since:
1986 mixing tapes on private parties
1980/90ies takes the acid-techno and techno wave
1990 becomes a resident Disco-DJ to spin soul, funk, azid jazz and hiphop
1993 got infected by Psy-Trance
1994 and following: growing number of gigs, later worldwide
1998 starts producing
1999 creating and conducting the partyseries ‘Stargate to Heaven’, Koh Pha-Ngan, Thailand
2000 first release on MEDIUM Rec.
2001 founding the project ‘IFB – Institut für Bassforschung’
(Institute for Bassresearch) together with Olli Weber
2001 founding ‘Atomic Tunes’ broadcasted radioshow together with Olli Weber and Stefan Hendricks
2001 first EP (Taxi Thong Sala/Dr. Groove)
2004 first Album ‘Turn left at Orion’ (CD/Vinyl LP)
2005 sabbatical of several years, screwing music at all
2007 woke up
2008 found a new place to live, feeding birds
2014 picked up the business again, DJing and producing

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