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Dj Grevega /Deejee Oz/ Metta Morph

Grevega is a self-taught artist with a soul since his childhood musician. He can not stay without registration, he needs his art to live fully and share his emotions.

In 1988 he had his first professional musical experience on a keyboard (KORG M1), the synth his brother … Fascinated by music instruments dice the age of 8 years old to 12 years old he bought his first drum machine (Roland MC303) … at 14 he began his first performances with Live Addict.EXE group …. in 2002 he returned to his home town of Tours, where he participated in the creation of a nightclub in sloopy’s complex (one of the largest complex of France). He goes down in the south in 2004 to organize private party until 2011. Since 2012 he performed on the Riviera with Apylipsy association.

Grevega indulges his natural inspiration to dreamlike compositions from its meaning, its culture and its strong intuitive and clairvoyant personality. Therefore, the listener is totally immersed in his metaphysical universe free of any personal thoughts conventional models. It uses its range of hot or cold for auditory sensations we draw high melodies color as the painter gives relief and depth to his canvas. His work is done on the interactive report he wants to give his work between the listener and the music, fully assuming its role as catalyst or collective modern shaman giving his music to his audience rather than impose a masterful demonstration his talent. That is the real division of labor of the artist free and open to different views and facets of modern sensitive and intimate accomplishments.

Dj, producteur et Musicien Dj MettA MorpH est un compositeur aux idées sombre et merveilleuse à la fois… Découvrez le monde dark dans le style trib\Hardcore

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