Dj Jordan



EtnicaNet Records


    Full On PsyTrance


His very first musical influences were hip hop, raw rap and acid house in the late 80s.
In the early 90s he was introduced to the psychedelic trance scene in London and was immediately hooked.
By 1995 was DJing professionally and within two years he was playing parties around the world and joined the Etnicanet label in 2000.
In 2008 co-founded the band Disco Hooligans where they toured internationally as well as released 2 successful albums and 4 EPs.
To further develop his technique and produce more refined forms of psychedelic tracks, he took the production course at SoundFarmStudios in Ibiza in 2012.
He is currently releasing 1 track on a VA compilation called Totemism 2 and one 4 track EP called the Descent presenting his solo project Dj Jordan and new band, Outer World Elements, both to be released in 2014 on Etnicanet records

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