Dj Kloub


  • Friday - 10:30 pm - 12:00 am
  • Label/Team:

    Plasmatica/Liquid Memories/Cyber Funk TribalismoUnion Rec


      Full On PsyTrance


      Progressive PsyTrance

    Kostas a.k.a. Dj.Kloub

    was born in (Greece). His love about electronic music starts in 1994-1995.In 1998-1999 his dj equipement and starts his experiments in Goa and Uplifting trance and later on european Psychedelic Trance and Progressive Trance.

    In 2002 starts Djing in public places, bars & clubs.

    In 2003 and for three years(2005) as dj and member of organization team of
    Salvia by Olympus festival at the foot of Olympus mountain.From 2002 until today he organize Goa Trance / PsyTrance Full On / Psychedelic Trance / Progressive Tance parties, also he plays music in a lot of private or public events.

    In 2011 joins Admin MidiRadio team,While also subsequently is the Owner of TribalismoRadio and continues presents music and melodies from his

    favourite grooves(Goa Trance / PsyTrance Full On / Psychedelic Trance / Progressive Trance / Ambient Downtempo) until today.

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