Dj Nuky



Bom Shanka


    Dark PsyTrance


Since 2005 DJ Nuky has been building a reputation for her solid style. A natural DJ with a loving following for her super-smooth mixing technique, cultured choice of music and awesome power and energy behind the decks.
One of the core DJs of Bom Shanka,DJ Nuky has played at the some of the biggest festivals and parties, including Boom and Ozora, she compiled the 9th release on bom shanka music, a fantastic cd that truly reflected her personality, the cd is called “Bloodlines”. It cemented not just DJ Nuky but also Bom shanka as new and powerful talents on the psychedelic scene.
She has also been working in the studio for 4 years writing under the name ‘Dirty Saffi’ with some bloke she met (Al Psymmetrix) in order to distill some of that awesome power and energy into full power psychedelic music!
The Dirty Saffi album was released in march 2013. She is now compiling her 3rd album for Bom Shanka Music…watch this space

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