Dj Pgm & Ila



Savva Records



    Progressive PsyTrance

PGM & ILA started to play progressive trance together as a dj duo since the year 2000. By organzing events like Enterbrainment Experience, Four Realities, Moonspirit, Timetravel42 etc. and playing on several parties they became more and more involved into the scene. In the year 2004 they founded Savva Records. Played on several parties across Europe as in Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, Poland, Denmark,Switzerland etc. Festivals like Full-Moon-Festival, Wonderland, In Deep and Dance, Hai in den Mai, Spiritual Healing, VuuV ,Airbeat One Festival, Midsomarfest, Pulsar Transformation, Moonspirit Festival, Sunexplosion Festival, Astralis Festival,Psychedelic Circus and so on.

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