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Psycobaba/Akhil Arora is a gifted progressive-full on artist from the scenic hill-city of Dehradun, India.

His odyssey with music began when he was but a child yet it was when he first heard electronica that he found his calling. Starting from the humble age of 17, he began playing in Manali, growing from strength to strength, building him the reputation he has.
Today, Psycobaba is one of the most celebrated DJ’s of Indian origin. He is a well established name in the industry, known for his ability to draw crowds in large numbers through his energy-demanding music.

The last 13 years have seen Psycobaba grow from DJ to artist to running his own annual music fest, Beyond Spirit Festival.
His unquenchable passion for music keeps him actively searching for new sounds and beats to infuse the crowds with vigour and vitality.
Psycobabas superior talent for powerful baselines and sublime mixes has left many far behind giving him unique opportunities to share the stage with a multitude of celebrity musicians. His innate talent to sense what the gathering needs has seen him gain vast critical acclaim in the psychedelic community, as well as an ever growing demand for his music.

From the hills of Manali to the beaches of Goa, Psycobaba has left an indelible mark on Psychedelia as we understand it
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