Dj Teo



Discovalley Records


    Dark PsyTrance


Disco Valley Records, the defining portal into the minds of music philosophers. The first label opened in Goa to promote the psychedelic sounds of mad professors. The first compilation (Nocturne) in 2003 was a tumult of success, promoting Russian sounds from Kindzadza, Zolod, Parasense, Fungus Funk and others who have made dance floors crazy since then. The next installment from Dj Teo, the founder of the label was a mega blaster following in this psychedelic style.

Defining further the style of Disco Valley Records, talented artists like Claw, Brain Waves, Fraktal Noise, Innersound, za7zay , Dark Elf, Bash, Detonatik, Nasha, and Double Trouble are being promoted through the label. Soon people everywhere will be able to hear the magnitude of the forces of Disco Valley Records. DJ Teo continues his mass destruction on the dance floor constructing his brand of stories. Promoting psychedelic hard night sounds, making dance floors in Goa erupt. With his style of hard dance leads and heavy bass lines, he is a hard act to follow at any party. People dance harder; their minds are transported to another universe of sounds. TUnE IN To the Disco Valley Vibe and it becomes easier to Turn On and Drop Out.

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