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    Progressive PsyTrance

DJane Aliye (Leiya) is definitely one of the first known Djane ladys in the psy-trance scene of Hamburg,born 1981 in Istanbul, but based in Hamburg, got infected by electronic music in 1996, when she attended her first parties and festivals.
Ever since she was diving into the spirit of this music and was feeling it deeper and deeper. Impressed by these experiences and her musician friends, she started to practice mixing in 1997.
As trance music developed into different styles, she finally realized what kind of sounds she really likes and pretty fast Aliye was able to express her appreciation of music by playing her first gigs around Hamburg.
Deeply inspired by the irresistible Scandinavian wave that flooded the world, she changed her music style into the more reduced and intelligent nature of Psy-Trance: Progressive PsyTrance!
Artists like:Atmos,Freq,Emok,Fabio and many others were encouraging not only her at these times.
1998 Aliye was already a resident Djane in well known clubs in Hamburg. Furthermore she worked for different labels and founded two DJ Projects.
In the following years Aliye has not just been playing on several indoor and open-air parties in north Germany, but also got the chance to perform on big festivals like Fusion,Wonderland,Eartdance,Antaris Project,Vuuv Experience and around Europe in different places in Europe, which was without a doubt the most exciting experience in Aliyes DJ career so far.
After the two Dj projects Aliye continued to play as solo artist again and succesfully did her best to set plenty of dancefloors on fire,also with her new Techno style as Djane Leiya she is definatly on the go,with her girl power and charm.
Her big desire for the future is to travel the world and elate nice people on foreign dancefloors with her beautiful music. If you are interested in booking her, please don..t hesitate to contact:

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