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Janine B. , also known as „Djane Faina“, born in 1988 in Lilienfeld (Austria). Her first contact with Psychedelic Music happened in 2004. Her older brother shows her this kind of music and parties. After visiting different Psytrance Events in eastern Austria. 2007 she started with mixing Oldschool,Full on.
Later she played Psychedelic and Twisted sound, until she finally found her passion in Darkpsy,Darktrance,Forest, Twillight ,Hi-tech,Psycore and Tribal/Darkprogressive.
Her style can be described as a mystical journey Initiate powerful shamanic rythms through sound and space. She likes to combine mystical melodies with fat kicks and rich basslines.
Janin’s Sets are mostly between 140 – 190 bpm.
In 2007 year, she founded her own Soundsystem
„Schwammerlpartie – Soundpartie“
Later they decided to rename their Soundsystem into „Gecko Acoustic“. She and her boyfriend built the whole sound-system by themselves, to make their own events. Later the guys developed from the companyLambda Labs and their own produced speakers .
After playing @ different Underground events they organized parties in eastern of Austria.
One of Faina´s bigger gigs 2012 in salzburg @ Rainbergkeller in club black with 300 people
Faina plays as Label DJ since 2010 for Triptec Records & for Hippyflip Records since 2014 .
She played @ many Parties in Austria.
At the 15th August 2014 was radiated them in the global trance music radio in Barcelona with your HippyFlip Sound!
After a time it has to comiled the Mystic Ritual Dance Series, she presented her Combilation MYSTIC RITUAL DANCE III on Hippyflip Records Download –> All tracks are a perfect “ear openers” to start the day.
at the 16th july new part of MYSTIC RITUAL DANCE on-> Crew.
Welcome to the world of organic Ethno music with it´s mystical psychedelic sounds,witch traces of ethnic traditions.We want to invite you to take a wonderful journey and feel free to join us.

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