Djane Freedu



Insonitus Records



    Progressive PsyTrance

In her early life steps, Maria Eleftheriadu, expressed her love and passion for music through percussion instruments and then she realised that this is the world she really belongs to. Whilst listening and observing other producers and dj’s perform, she always held a hidden desire to present her own flow in music, to put the sounds together according to her own acoustics. The need to express the rhythm inside her, drives her to collect and mix her favourite psychedelic ,dark progressive and ethnic,reggae,dub,chill,dubstep tunes , in parallel with her current University studies at pedagogic Pre-education as a kindergarten teacher, especially teaching the kids the music instruments.
She has played at many parties and festivals in Greece (Free earth Festival 2014 at Ancient Olympia,Plur festival 2014 at North Evia,Earthdrop Festival 2014 at Pelloponisos,River Flow festival 2014, Dance experience 2013 at Halkidiki,Seli mountain gathering 2013) and abroad like Germany’s Fusion Festival(2014) and Sweden’s Forest star Festival(2013-2014). She also played as a percussionist with Star Sound Orchestra & Irina Mikhailova at Ozora’s main stage(2014). With her technics,responsibility and respect towards the listener being Freedu’s top characteristics, the mixing and the quest for new sounds become her daily activity and she is now more than ever determined to share her passion and energy through the music.

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