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    Progressive PsyTrance

good music will put a smile on your face and will move your body to d-a-n-c-e

lavinia was born in the dolomites in italy in 1977 and she grew up in the north of germany.
already at the age of six years old, lavinia has developed her love and passion for music, as she has played and composed classical and free jazz tunes for piano.
in 1992 lavinia had her first encounter with electronic music. in 1999, discovering the fascinated beauty of psychedelic electronic sounds, has motivated her to become dj.
while finding out her favorite tunes, lavinia has developed her own special groovy style.
since then she has shared her love and energy in music in many parties and events.
lavinia has become famous for bringing her magic vibes to the dancefloor- combining her tunes with her passion to dance… to move the body… to be free.
i believe and trust in the positive spirit of every individual to create a speciel energy flow and to be connected …with a smile.
when i play i want to find out, to notice and to transport what’s wanted, whats needed on the floor… it’s like a magic journey together on a flying carpet, you have to pick up everyone on the dancefloor, then you can start to fly away.
this groovey feeling is the skill.
my styles of music are MELODIC and PROGRESSIVE PSYTRANCE.
however, the place of mood-full AMBIENT and CHILLOUT BEATS is not to be underestimated.
therfore i play also an arrangement of finely chosen AMBIENT/CHILLOUT sets for smoothing the body and the mind. i find it as be a helpful structure which holds the energy together.
in 2004, inspired about the transportation of fun and the beauty of music to the floor, the wide variety of different styles of electronic music, have opened me more space for the intensive and powerful beauty of MORNING FULLON.
lately i have experienced the joyful new style of ELECTRO, which combines PROGRESSIVE, HOUSE and MINIMAL.
i like to chose and to mixe the different styles…
it makes the whole journey of music more creative and interesting. one can experience so many kinds of vibes in a party…
since 2008 lavinia participate @ the ”chromanova radio” project
also 2008, lavinia become a member of yse/england in dj bim’s team
in 2009 djane melburn and lavinia worked together for the ”goa girl vol.7” compilation/yse

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