Drukverdeler & Bim



Yellow Sunshine Explosion/Millennium Records



    Progressive PsyTrance

Sometimes we feel like we’ve seen it all, we’ve heard it all, and we can’t be surprised anymore. Most of the time this is true. But not in this case. It takes a very special alchemy to reach the magical ingredient of a sonic intoxication, and this is exactly what Drukverdeler and Bim have created. This unique live act brings together two talented artists to push the limits of the artistic practice of Psytrance into realms not seen before.
Andreas Binotsch aka Bim and Michiel Thole aka Drukverdeler (in Dutch – Pressure distributor), met in 2001 and realized that combining their talents makes a super powerful electronic machine that few can resist. Bim’s mastery of mixing since the 1990s topped with his samples and vocals AND Drukverdeler’s programming and engineering skills create a psychedelic monster that cannot be stopped. And to be honest – you don’t want it to stop!
If you heard Psytrance for the past 20 years you must have encounter Bim along the way. Being a prominent Dj from Germany as well as the founder of the monumental label Medium (later Midijum) Dj Bim has established himself as one of the leading figures in Psychedelic Trance. He has compiled more than 100 compilations for labels such as Millennium, Sony Music, ID&T, Arcade, Time Warner, Universal, Nova Tekk and Beluga. His musical journey began in Goa, therefore, it is no wonder why he prefers long sets that transcends everybody on the dance floor to a different universe, while adding more colours, shades and layers of psychedelica that feels like meditation.
Drukverdeler aka Michiel Thole comes from the Netherland and started producing music in 2004 as part of the project Mad Contrabender. After meeting Bim in a party in 2011 and giving him his track Universe, Bim has realized that this could be a beginning of a beautiful collaboration. He not only released this track in his Yellow Sunshine Explosion/Millennium Records, but also started to create a special laboratory where music experiments were made without any a formula or a pattern. Each time a new formation would come to life, and this has resulted into one of the most innovative fascinating collaborations out there at the moment.

This is not about the click-and play artists or djs. Every trip you will be taking with Drukverdeler and Bim is a new and fresh amalgamation of sounds, feeling and atmosphere of that exact moment. You can never replicate it because it is a new adventure, a new gathering of energies, a onetime experience, a onetime musical journey. But this one time will be the most unforgettable and wild vortex you will ever experience. Are you ready? We are about to begin

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