Elektro Negative



Skunk Beat Records



    Progressive PsyTrance

Elektro-Negative is a concept of electronic music that aims to create space in your mind ….

with influences from Progressive Psy, Psytrance, Dark Techno

in 2009 independently launch the ep “NEO-EVOLUTION” where “CICUTA” second single appears.

In that same year he participated in the call for emerging DJs radio program “Hexen the black book” as a tribute to a group of friends who called themselves new consciousness.

.In 2011 begins the project of an independent label called Skunk Beat Records for publishing own music.

In 2012 promotion of Dj set “Sensory”

In 2013 appearance on the program Analogik Sessions Dj set with “Prototype”

In early 2014 along with Amadea Music official launch of Neo-Evolution and not Exist Beyond

Podcast – Passing Experience 001, 002, 003

The 2015 Radio Program List, Psychedelic Travellers 001, 002, 003, Psychedelic_Infinity transmitted by Tempo Radio Network Chanel,

Only in the suburb Underground you can find …

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