Iono Music



    Progressive PsyTrance

In 1998 he discovers Underground Parties of House & Trance Music in Tampico. In the next years, he assists to massive events around México, starting in those trips great interest for Psychedelic Sounds. In 2003 he begins to mix music in Open Air Parties and Clubs in Tampico. Producing Parties in Tampico since 2003. On February of 2006 created whit his brother DJ Litosh the Crew: Wingmakers. He has shared stage in México with the best Live Act’s and DJ’s of the Global Scene. Playing in major events such as: On the Beach Party 2006, Necromancia Fest 2006, Caracol Fest 2007, We Are One Fest 2008, Equinox Fest 2008-2013, Atmosphere Fest 2008-2013, Fantastic Fest 2009-2012, & Fest 2011, ILO Fest 2012, Año Cero Fest 2012, Amanecer Galactico Fest 2012-2014, Aqua Fest 2013, Solstice Xperience Fest 2013, Neon Party 2012-2013, Peace & Love Fest 2014. In 2014 is invited by DJ Cubixx to be part of the family Iono México as DJ. Whit more than 10 years of experience, DJ Espectral is well known for his skills to mix music that the perception delights in the most requested dancefloors.

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