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    Dark PsyTrance


More expansive than oppressive in their take on the Psychedelic Trance scene, “Gabaascape” are a musical duo achieving great strides in this scene. Gabaascape is the combination of ‘Gabaa’ and ‘Soundscape’ . Their music is a mix of funky, groovy and organic sounds. Behind the decks, they choose alternate positions and their spontaneity of music is a healthy dose of chaos in an efficient manner. Their efforts to help re-shape ,the high frequency waves and their festive outcomes always, pays off.
Gabaascape continue to naturally shift into scintillating sounds. Always dedicated by the duo’s singular aim ; to compose their music with depth, soul and originality. Valance Paul( Gabaa) and Suhas Hiremath, (Soundscape) co-founded an event organizing company “Karyakarma”. They host Psychedelic parties at various clubs around Bangalore and Goa.
Their musical influences include, Hans Zimmer, EVP, South Wild, Archaic, Fagins Reject, Dust, Ajja and record labels like Wild things and Psynon,
From an intimate gathering of music loving friends and a mutual interest and likes of the same Psychedelic melodies, this got them together and combined, both the forces to deliver, cutting edge and fine psychedelic tunes. From hundreds of people losing their minds to their captivating and vibrant tunes , playing at various renowned clubs, this amazing duo are here to capture the minds of all those who love Psychedelic

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