Full On PsyTrance


    Progressive PsyTrance

Happock to always was attracted to music of all kinds …
He started to learn the drums at the age of 17 years because it was absorbed by the different rhythms that are allowed to be exercised in a few amateur rock bands.
At the same time, he developed a special interest in techno 90s orchestrated by the big names we know.
He has shared his childhood with his musical tastes these great friend “Greg.”
The name of Happock was born in 1993 a beautiful summer night listening to Carl Cox. Since that time, Happock was able to grow his inspiration and perfect his “ear” alongside his most loyal friend “Greg” aka Grevega posting its preference for minimal and techno.
He discovered a new talent for psytrance with Dj Oz. The passion has never stopped growing behold Happock out of its cocoon as a butterfly from its chrysalis to reveal his talent to lovers of techno.
The tips of his fingers Happock gradually takes you from the minimal to the psytrance ensuring an anthology of emotions and strong feelings …

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