Joe Rifmann



Landmark Recordings



    Progressive PsyTrance

Born in 1984 coming from Denmark. Joe is into various genres of electronicmusic, just as long as its deep and pumping. At the age of 16 he sneeked into his first trance event, at the lengendary venue Bastionen in Copenhagen. He was instantly blown away by the music, and the free spirit surrounding it. At the age of 19 he decided to move to Copenhagen, to be closer to all the things he loved. Soon he got his first Dj gig and as time went by, he played almost every weekend at various club and venues, for a couple of years. After reaching his goal of being a dj, Joe decided it was time for him, to create his own music and put dj’ing aside for some years. He moved home to the suburb got down to earth again, and then started the process of creating music. After some years learning to produce music, his tracks got better, and in the beginning of 2012 he was contacted by Landmark where he now is signedwith his music project Rifmann.

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