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    Progressive PsyTrance

Since early on in my life, it was clear that the music will be much more than just a hobby. From throwing small parties in my city, working as a DJ in the local radio(s), bringing some of the first CDs and records with electronic dance music in the city, Macedonia, Yugoslavia; in the second half of the 80´s & the early 90´s, starting a business for importing music in 1992, starting spinning records (as DJ) in the very early 90´s, organizing small underground events in various locations in Macedonia and Slovenia, playing on various events in the 90´s across the Balkans & Europe, opened / runned some clubs in Macedonia.

In 2000 i moved to Germany, where i continued with my 2 “small” event-serials, “Delicate Sound of Techno” and “Summer Technologies” (till 2004), and also playing in various club and open air events, as well as festivals like Nature One, Ruhr in Love… Somewhere between gigs in the 90´s, WhyNotMusic was born, a project that initiated and supported many events, and had collaboration with many known and unknown artists through all these years. With friends and co-workers involved in “Delicate Sound of Techno” and other WNM projects, we supported / initiated several labels, where we released some our productions.

After having a serious accident, was “inactive” in the last several years.

Re-Activated in the second half of 2013.

As for the present:
– producing few Radio Shows (2013-2014 on Cuebase-FM & DJ International Radio, from 2014 also resident at FNOOB Techno Radio)
– started to play on Events & Festivals again (“Ruhr in Love” Festival, A24 Tour, ov-silence Summer Closing 2015, in various clubs, open airs, etc.)
– started to release own production again (EPs on Clash&Splash Records, Track on FNOOB Album, Tracks on compilations, Remix on Mute Solo & Sinawi, etc. )
– beside the mostly Techno part from the other current activities, also started to play Psy & Goa again

Various styles / directions of electronic dance music, mostly Techno / Detroit Techno, but also sets with “funky groovie tribalistic” tech-house or house sets.
Also played Acid / Acid Techno / Acid House, Psy Trance and Goa Trance.

Mostly using 3 tt´s in the 90´s and early 2000´s, but also using Final Sratch and Final Sratch 2 in the early 2000´s, to play unique sets, combining records with unreleased tracks, loops and sounds from various friends / producers.

At the moment beside the vinyl, using Traktor with Time coded Vinyl, and CDJs.

Real Name: Goce Jancevski

Artist Names: Jonny F Ketz , DJ JFK , Digital Nature System etc… ( Clash&Splash Rec, FNOOB, ex Giant&Dwarf Records, MKD/DE)

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