Dark PsyTrance


Audrey is a Djane based in Montreal, Canada. She began to take an interest in the psychedelic trance community around 2010. After 2 years of exploration in these frequencies, she decided to create his project ; K o a l u n a

As the curtain draws back, bringing us to a place of solace and peace we allow ourselves to dive deeply into our trip of tribal discovery. She delivers music to the listener in a form of a continues sound journey through her own imagination and parallel lives

Koaluna is a creation that connects several designs that defines his artistic influences. She is also very connected with the land of the night, this is the seed of its projects. .Her style is Ritualistic and Organic, with a focus on High-Quality to make order in the chao *

During the last years, Koaluna was very active in underground events and festivals in Quebec and also she give here implication in the local scene in Morocco. She participated in Transahara festival 2015 in the sahara desert in Merzouga.
Considering the energy and environment of her shows, she accord herself to provide a unique and fluid show.

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