Anarchic Freakuensy Rec


    Dark PsyTrance


Komfuzius’ name is Evros Lambrou, he’s from Cyprus where he’s returned after being at Thessaloníki, Greece for 7 years , where he had been studying sound engineering and where he made his first steps into production and engineering. From a very young age, Komfuzius was interested in progressive- trance scene and the electonic sound . A year after he went to Thessalloniki, Komfuzius gets involved in the psychedelic trance scene and he decided to start classes in a college studying sound engineering . Since then Komfuzius is spending most of his time exploring sound and working as a sound engineer for live concerts as Stage or FOH Engineer, installing and programming sound systems for a well known company in Cyprus and music production . Komfuzius Project was created in 2006 and you can describe it as full power psy with dark twisted sounds ,hi-tech leads and crazy build-ups. Komfuzius Project got signed on HSSR in 2008 . In early 2009 he joined Eleusis Records where he released his Debut EP Komfuzius -Full Moon Pisces. Komfuzius also released tracks in VA’s with well known artists like,Fatal Discord, Claw, Furius, Enichkin, Ocelot , Paranoize, Silent Horror, The Nommos, Blisargon Demogorgon , Antagon, Dark Elf, Fobi, Insane creatures ,Jesus Raves,System Crash,Dark Whisper, Twisted Kala , K Lapso , Kasatka , a.m in labels like Noize Conspiracy Rec, Green Wizards Rec, Indepented Mind Rec, HSS Rec, Maniac Psycho Pro Rec, Lunatic Alien Rec , Anarchic freakuency Rec , Fish n trips Rec a.m .New tracks Coming soon On Biomichanix Rec Mexico and Ohm Ganesh pro rec
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