Landmark Recordings



    Progressive PsyTrance

Krisyon is a label DJ at Landmark Recordings and music producer at Quantum Digits Recordings and Insonitus Records.

Krisyon is passionate about music that can provide the stimulus for thought and inspiration, animating forces of unusual beauty that are simply irresistible. Krisyon is a DJ who takes this music and intuitively crafts an almost magical expanse of scenery that is seamlessly entwined.

Rapidly establishing himself in the global psychedelic music scene, 2014 has seen Krisyon enter a new era with the debut release of his intelligent and futuristic, dark progressive studio project.

Krisyon’s music represents a path, a journey from darkness, death, despair and pain and the ascent back to the light. His music is powerful, atmospheric, psychedelic, and experimental. Chilling, abstract narratives of harrowing human experiences and haunting disturbances expressed with an insight into the indescribable. Experience a tempest of feelings and emotions rising from the depths, consciousness frozen in an instant of the present. A transformation sets in motion and the path to the light returns.

What we seek to dispel or conceal from consciousness still lies there in wait for you in the darkness. Explore the darkness and be the light to yourselves.

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