Savva Records



    Progressive PsyTrance

Whatever vision you might have of music, you’ll love the revolutionizing sound of Mahrunas progressive trance tunes, that are characterized by a lot of experience as well as miscellaneous impressions of various genres of music.
Christian Banke aka Mahruna was born in march 1986 in Hamburg City actually he lives now in Olsberg a small town in the middle of germany.
His strong connection to music made him playing several instruments for over a decade now.At the age of 16 he’s been to a Tranceparty and got flashed by the vibes.This made him recognize, that he wanted to do his own Trance Vision.
So Mahruna started producing his own tracks and releasing it on different labels such as Savva rec., Mental Drop rec., Psr music and MindDsign Records.
Mahruna play his explosive Live Sets on many dancefloors in Germany Swiss Denmark Netherlands or Italy and set them on fire.Beside this Mahruna is also Promoter & Organizer of the well establish events called Seventh Sense at the legendary Club Die Grube in Germany.

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