Malice in Wonderland



2to6 Records



    Twilight / Forest Psychedelic

Behind the project Malice in Wonderland is Thomas aka Jaramogi, a music enthusiast from austria, with iranian/mexican background.

The wide variations of sounds, rhythmic structures and textures which seem to move through otherworldly sounddimensions are giving his compositions a very unique and special character.

MIW’s Livesets are intended to be a sonic trip and cover the many faces & various aspects of the tunes in an effectively combination to emphasize a contrast
between intricate harmony & distorted screams of raw energy and emotion.

Over the last couple of years he appeared on various compilations & ep’s, released 2 albums and performed in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Originally started as a collaboration with Matakana & Gargamel, the project is now beeing continued by him solo (since 2011).

Booking Contact:
[email protected]

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