Yellow Sunshine Explosion



    Progressive PsyTrance

I started playing in rock bands when I was 15 years old. Later I played in
metal bands. For 15 years now I compose electronic dance music. First I
started with Techno and for 9 years now I create progressive Trance.
Microlin is a guitar player who plays and focuses on complex musical
structures of Bach and tries to minimize and digitize them.
My music is characterized by dreamy and sweet melodies, progressive sound
scapes and is accompanied by spiritual messages. So it is the source of my creative work. Groovy bass
lines and hard pumping kicks give my work the necessary pulse and vitality.

His new EP ” TRANSFORM ” out since 18 September .

Label Yellow Sunshine Explosion

Get your copy on
Beatport : http://btprt.dj/1V0udIZ

Tracklist :
1. Microlin – In My Heart
2. Microlin & New Horizons – Transform
3. Microlin – The Glory Of GOD

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