Chaotic Beats / Next Parties



    Progressive PsyTrance

Miloš was born in 1983 in Pančevo, Serbia. His first contact with electronic music was at the end of the 90s. In year 2003 Miloš and his friend Ivan ( Middle mode) established a dj organization called ”Medicament” with few other DJs and had made some great parties in Pančevo. He later left ”Medicament” and in 2007 with DJ Mozza (Momir Pandurov) he established an organization called Chaotic Beats. Shortly after DaPEACE ( Damir Šćasni) is added to the organization. The last member to join was Tzobree( Nebojša Berber). Chaotic Beats oragnises lots of parties in Belgrade and in the other parts of Serbia. In the year 2014 Miloš joins Next Parties organization. Lately Miloš has been playing various styles, Psychedelic trance, Progressive and Tech trance, Techno… He has worked at a lot of parties and music festivals in Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia with artists such as: Tegma, dj Slater, Duca, N.A.S.A., Allaby, Human Blue, Andromeda, Altom, Pion, Middle Mode, Nerso, Man Machine…

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