Paranoia Project




Neutralizer project was created back in the summer of 2013, by Leonidas Kanellos,who has been influenced with music production from his early years, both analog and electronic,untill he discovered psytrance,which played a really big part in his life and music career.After a few years he joined a music record label, DopeTec records, along with alot upcoming and talented artists of hitech psychedelic sound!Since then Neutralizer has been part in many Varius Artist compilations, along with several collabs from people all over the world.On december of 2014 he had his debut live performance, in a psychedelic event of Paranoia project & 4 Elements in Athens, Greece, followed by 3 more events by the same project and promoters.In june of 2015 Neutralizer joined Paranoia Bookings, a booking project with a crew of a few talented producers and dj’s,all with the passion and the dream of sharing their music to the whole world!

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