Paco Project



Optem Records-Hyper Vision Records


    Dub / Chill / Ambient

    Full On PsyTrance


    Progressive PsyTrance

The Paco project is a project dealing mainly with electronic music ,
but loves to mess arround with various styles
and genres.
Experimentation and passion about music
and any other form of art that could
possibly be presented along with music,
is aways under consideration for taking part
in the live shows,wich ofcourse always
include video projections of videos edited by the master mind of the Project,
Dr. Psyhead.
The music is an amalgam of : Trance,Electro,Techno,Ambient and Ethnic music,all combined and mixed together creating a new distinguished sound, with an essence of Rock,Post modern,New wave and some times even classical music .
The Paco Project’s sound is especially written and arranged for people who are sick of listening to the same old music paths and genres over and over again .
Enter,listen and watch at your own risk.
Nothing will ever be the same in the way you percieve music,after this unique experience !

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