Paralitic Twinks



Psycana Records


    Full On PsyTrance


A mixture of pianos, violins, acoustic instruments, synthesizers, virtuosic melodies, sweet sounds and riffs full of true elegance, psychodelicas acidic atmospheres and sentimental with gender Psychodelic full on dating a fresh style and special sounds (melodic acid) downloading low the frequency of these two minds Leobardo Garcia Alejandro Carrillo (Paralitic Project) & Alexis Hernandez Rojas (Arion Twinks) “We like to do harmonies stop feeling under the dance floor place in them our ideas and dreams !! Psychedelicas seek to refer to our roots !!. We are sure that reminded one more experienced with the music of this duo of Mexicans, mature sounds full of freshness and 147 beats per minute speed up the sound part of this project experiences (Paralitic Twinks).

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