Phobos Azazel



Bhooteshwara Records


    Dark PsyTrance


Phobos Azazel, born in Skopje, Macedonia, in 1981. He’s no stranger in the international scene and has released numerous tracks on labels like Bhooteshwara, Manic Dragon, Tantrumm, Temple Twisters, Moon Koradji, Psylife Music and many more.. Over the last years, Phobos Azazel has been building a library of intense psychedelic tunes with journeys growing deeper and wider with every new track. In 2012 he release his firs debut album “Organistic” which takes us through a brain twisting journey! He is working as a sound producer/engineering not only in the trance world, but in almost every musical field. In 2008 he decides to go in Slovenia and improve his musical education, so he attends SAE Institute and earns an official certification as an Electronic music producer.

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