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Pragmatix is an artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When he was eleven he started playing guitar, and then in high school he played with friends in several bands until he discovered eletronic music around 2001. Listening to bands like Hux Flux, Hallucinogen and Infected Mushroom his head and soul opened and making psytrance was just a matter of time. Using music as his spiritual path and creative expression, Pragmatix quickly became one of the most promising artists in Argentina after the release of his demo “Inevitablemente Mistico”, filled with very creative, original and psychedelic tracks, including collaborations with several local artists and a little glimpse of his dub side, which he also explores in his performances as a chill out dj.

His style combines mysterious and dark atmospheres with colorful and playful psychedelic melodies, playing with different textures and a lot of grooves, making tracks perfect for the dancefloor and listening at home. He has also collaborated with a lot of local artists, giving a lot of diversity to his productions. In 2013 he released the album debut called “The Invisible Object” released by Rizoma Records. Currently he has been playing in several outdoors and indoors parties in Buenos Aires supporting big artists names . Also played in several countries like Brasil, Japan, Germany, Swizterland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Spain, Chile and Argentina. Now he is working on his upcoming releases and making the 2dn album !

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