Progressive PsyTrance

It’s that wonderfully casual vibe that makes the music of Pribe unique. Everything is so easy and weightless, but at the same time all the rhythms and sounds work as precise as a clockwork. Between heavyweight bass lines and light melodies, the artist from Hamburg creates a mesmerizing state of tension ñ a groove that has an almost physical impact on the body and the mind of the dancer. Pribe used to produce House and Trance before he discovered the Progressive scene in 2012, and he clearly benefits from this background, both in terms of production quality and recognition factor. One moment a Pribe track is stripped-down and functional as it can be, the next moment it explodes into a colorful pattern of melodies, or gets the listener tripping on a rocky synthesizer riff. Already the first Pribe releases made it into the renowned Beatport Top 10, his ‘Fly Away’ EP shoots straight to #4 in 2015. Obviously Pribe has a crystal clear message for us, which he spreads during his numerous gigs all over Europe: Progressive Trance remains exciting and amazing!

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